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The word used by the spanish people who think they are hard, despite purposefully having a lisp when they speak, and having other words in their vocabulary, such as "sois," "os los," "menudo," and the suffix "ais."
Elbrandoelganador: I am proud to be spanish because of my amazing culture!
elpinchepeter: Vosotros headass 💀
Elbrandoelganador: please stop mocking my language or else os los vuestros
elpinchepeter: i dontais givais a fuckais
by purplexed February 13, 2022
The quoted conversation between Ōgai Mori and Osamu Dazai, which takes place minutes before they begin having hot gay sexual intercourse. In 2021, many clash royale players on tiktok used this conversation as a sound in their gameplay, to show that they love having gay sexual intercourse.
"tell me dazai, why is it you wish to die?" "please mori fuck me in the ass right now i want your 3 inch cockkkk"
by purplexed February 13, 2022
"I love balloon babe i would chop off my testicles and sew them back on, then do the same on my scrotum, just to hear balloon babe fart into a jar"
by purplexed February 13, 2022
one of the biggest fan of big minecraft youtuber "dream"
by purplexed September 19, 2021