6 definitions by prussland

just rush b but rush the US
Every comrade wants to rush america.
by prussland January 16, 2018
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a group that is clearly against africans
Oi mate have you heard of this great new group called the Anti African Association.
by prussland March 5, 2019
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Just about the worst thing in existence sense it defines anything that is sugarcoated sweet.
Person 1: Why the fuck are you showing me things that don't offend people?
Person 2: What? There is nothing wrong with being wholesome once in a while.
by prussland May 23, 2019
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a smaller version of a VHS. it required a adapter to play on a VHS player
I doubt many of you used or herd of VHS-c.
by prussland November 19, 2017
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the thing that came before cassette tapes about as old as your grandparents

imagine the wheel thing on 50s computers
When my grandma was a kid she told us about reel-to-reel recording.
by prussland November 19, 2017
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