a strategy/tactic for noobs, russians players and sometimes desperate professionals in cs:go which they have to purchase P90 and rush to bombsite b in de_dust2
Pro: We're loosing hope guys!
Russian: No Comrade, RUSH B NO STOP!
by Beggar's Bazooka May 09, 2016
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rush b; Rush B is a short way of saying rush Berlin, when the soviet union invaded Germany in world war two. It is widely expressed in video games such as counter strike global offensive as an insult or just to annoy people.
Rush b cyka blayt, Or in english "Rush Berlin fucking bitches."
by UkrainianWheat January 27, 2017
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Rush B also known as Russian B is a song created by "Sheet music boss" and composed by "Andrew Wrangell" on YouTube
Sameul reads comment: Can you make this Russian?"

Andrew: "we could do a Russian B."

Samuel: "What are we going to call it, Rush B"

then they both laugh
by Matzwood Knight December 21, 2020
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Commonly used by russians in csgo to express themselves to the world.

In other words used to inform the team of the inevitable b rush
by Soviet Lizard May 13, 2016
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a very underrated song by sheet music boss. created by russian people as they are communists who wanted to spread their communism to a non-communist audience.
guy 1: bruh did you listen to rush b?
guy 3 because guy 2 died: hell yah dude it is so underrated and communist for its own good.
by the long-lost guy 2 November 24, 2020
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Rushing bomb-site "B" on CS:GO's Dust 2 map is a popular but extremely poor tactic frequently used noobs and professionals alike when funds are running low on the Terrorist side. Bomb-site "B", which is far more confined than bomb-site "A", is theoretically easier to take with cheaper weapons that lack accuracy at long range. Sadly, most attempts to "rush B", especially when the Counter-Terrorists are expecting it, end in a massacre for the Terrorist side.

The term "rush b" is often shouted over voice chat, especially by Russian players, who tend to use this tactic more than American or European players for some reason.
"Boys, I think we need to spice up our strategy."

"Rush B!"
by SteamShovel November 28, 2020
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The frase heard all over Russians in CS:GO, they will say to your teammate to get a P90 and just run to Bombsite "B" and kill all of the enemies.
Hey bro, rush B with P90 (if you die, they will say: CYKA BLYAT! you are a idiot maan! Fukin" rush B i said!
by QuP Cloud (The Real Owner) February 02, 2016
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