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a strategy/tactic for noobs, russians players and sometimes desperate professionals in cs:go which they have to purchase P90 and rush to bombsite b in de_dust2
Pro: We're loosing hope guys!
Russian: No Comrade, RUSH B NO STOP!
by Beggar's Bazooka May 09, 2016
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The frase heard all over Russians in CS:GO, they will say to your teammate to get a P90 and just run to Bombsite "B" and kill all of the enemies.
Hey bro, rush B with P90 (if you die, they will say: CYKA BLYAT! you are a idiot maan! Fukin" rush B i said!
by QuP Cloud (The Real Owner) February 02, 2016
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rush b; Rush B is a short way of saying rush Berlin, when the soviet union invaded Germany in world war two. It is widely expressed in video games such as counter strike global offensive as an insult or just to annoy people.
Rush b cyka blayt, Or in english "Rush Berlin fucking bitches."
by UkrainianWheat January 27, 2017
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When a CS:GO player rushes B site, usually with a P90, and urges his fellow terrorists with him. Originally used by Russian players, it is now used to mock said Russian players. Recently to mock them even more, Rush Berlin is said, referencing the Soviet Union's storming of Berlin.
Russian N00b: Rush B cyka blyat esli net idi nahui
Everyone else: *Vote kick Russian N00b*
Russian N00b: Chevo vi delaite? Nieeeeeeeeeet!!!
by RussianDumbass October 08, 2018
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"Rush B" is a tactic and the term is used mainly by the Russian CS:GO community, which means to rush towards the bombsite B as fast as possible with a P90. But since experienced players know what "Rush B" is, it will not work against them. And it was observed that new players often stormed the bombsite B.


1)It is used against a newbie who will charge/storm bombsite B without a plan or cooperation.

2)But now it is often used to mock Russian players, because of the then Soviet Union which stormed into Berlin.
3)And it is a kind of a meme now.

So, depends on the context.
1)Player - "Quick, Rush B!!"

When they see a newbie -
2)Players - "Haha Rush B, Rush B!"
by Invisible Impostor September 07, 2020
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Commonly used by russians in csgo to express themselves to the world.

In other words used to inform the team of the inevitable b rush
by Soviet Lizard May 13, 2016
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