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A much cleaner, more private alternative to MySpace.
Wow, Facebook doesn't lag!
by Pro January 16, 2006

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Ditching sleep to spend several more hours cramming for tests, only to notice that you've drooled on your desk in front of the class the next day.
I pulled an all-nighter to study and ended up in the wrong class twice.
by Pro January 19, 2005

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A children's show featuring an aggressive bald kid who is easily irritated and agitated when things don't go his way.
Caillou made me search for my virginity.
by Pro December 28, 2004

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Someone who pillages another's booty.
50 Cent is a butt pirate, he rides Eminem's Hershey Highway nightly.
by Pro September 22, 2003

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A common name for a household dog.
It's the time of year to take Fido to the vet.
by Pro December 29, 2004

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The sound bob-ombs make in Mario 64 when mario talks to them. Also causes a cannon on mars to launch a h-bomb at anyone who says it in The Demented Cartoon Movie.
by pro April 27, 2003

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To repeatedly wank your pet and/or to draw penises on your chest with Human Feces.

See: Beastiality; Scat
Joseph Tatum likes to x6.echo himself.
by pro December 30, 2003

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