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A person that has a crush on someone, assumes it is true love, and must automatically date their crush. The relationships between a crush slut and a normal person are relatively short, and even shorter if there are two crush sluts. After breaking up, the crush slut will find someone new within the first week. The cycle never ends until they die, apparently.
My friend's Brando and Amelia are quite the crush sluts; they've had more significant others than I've had chocolate! AND I'M FRIGGIN' HUGE!
by Pretty Emily February 06, 2005

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n., v.

n.: an Australian bird, most commonly found in gum trees.

v.: the act of laughing
1) Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. Merry king of the wood is he! Laugh kookaburra laugh! Kookaburra gay your life must be!

2) She was so into kookaburra it drove me insane!
by Pretty Emily August 02, 2004

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Nickname for any girl named "Meghan"
Hey Megsi, what'cha doin'?
by Pretty Emily November 23, 2004

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a large building that is usually made of steel or aliminum. Used as storage for farm equipment, garage-type objects, and other random manly things.

Also can be used as a great party place. (large open space... with power tools!)
Ben: "We should have a party sometime... too bad we don't have a place to have it..."
Justine: "Yeah... we got a pole barn though!"
by Pretty Emily January 09, 2005

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Means you're too late. Like if a guy likes you and then another one asks you out before him, you say to the first guy, "sorry, day late and a dollar short." So basically, you waited and screwed yourself over.
Guy: Hey, will you go out with me?
Girl: Sorry, day late and a dollar short... Guy 2 just asked me out yesterday.
by Pretty Emily October 24, 2004

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your ass. Created by being confused with "money maker".
Shake yo' minni munker!
by Pretty Emily August 02, 2004

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A page. Like a webpage or something of the like.
Welcome to Emmilizzle'z pagizzle, ferizzle.
by Pretty Emily August 01, 2004

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