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A word which obviously has many definitions because none of these are the same.

My guess: a term of endearment. Just because I can.
Don't mess with him, he be my bray!
by Pretty Emily February 03, 2005
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the news. What's happening.
Hey, come to my hizzou later and we can catch the latest nizzou.
by Pretty Emily August 01, 2004
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A kite-shaped polygon. Can also be called a "kite", but that's no fun. Works nicely on geometry tests when trying to piss off the teacher.
Math Test: "Give this polygon its specific name."

Emily: "Diamond-like rhombus."
Leeta: "Diamondy rhombus."
Teacher: "Polygon. Or 'kite' if you're lazy."
by Pretty Emily November 21, 2004
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1) wearing casual clothing (jeans, t-shirt) on a Friday.

2) a practice common with high schoolers where you don't wear underwear under your pants on Friday. It's really funny and really is only funny to the people that do it. But none the less, it's not as weird as you'd think.
Person: "Emily, are you doing Casual Friday today... because I noticed you're not wearing a skirt like usual."
Me: *laughs hysterically* do you even NEED to ask?
by Pretty Emily November 12, 2004
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An interjection like "holy crap", but toned down so that it can be used without offense. I came up with it before going to church camp... because swearing was obviously not looked kindly upon. If you decide to say, "HOLY GOODNESS!", please remember that you did not come up with such a clever phrase. Can also be spelled "holy goodnezz!" for dramatic purposes.
Holy goodness! Look at that man's face!
by Pretty Emily November 21, 2004
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noun, verb, adjective, adverb, basically anything you want...

Essentially, "moofi" is anything and everything you can imagine. It's most commonly used in exclamation. Phrases like "I'll tell Moofi..." and "that's so moofi" are just fun to say. It doesn't really mean anything in particular, which is why it's so useful.
Person 1: hey, wasn't that your boyfriend just talking to that other girl??
Person 2: um... I'll tell Moofi about you and that one girl...
Person 1: MOOFI.
by Pretty Emily August 01, 2004
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"Fake Sexi Blonde", according to one of my friends, Brando. He dies his hair blond, and has deemed himself sexy, therefore, a fake, sexy blond.
Brando: Founder and member of the F.S.B.!!!
*Emily rolls her eyes*
by Pretty Emily January 01, 2005
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