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An euphoric feeling that one gets after tasting a fantastic, usually imported or local, beer. The feeling is said to be good enough to cause erection.
w00t! This St. Andrews Ale is so good its giving me a beeroner.
by porkchizzle August 15, 2007
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A term made up by e-tailers as way to trick people into internet shopping by thinking that everyone else is shopping online on this day as well.
Coz: w00t, its Cyber Monday, you gonna buy as much as you did on Black Friday?
Porky: Tool...
by porkchizzle November 27, 2007
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The act of maliciously adding a bro's word on the urban dictionary before he is able to do so. Dictblocking is different than urblocking because it is usually submitted on a blackberry moments after said is invented.
Weak sauce! I invented a word and before I could put it on the urban dictionary I got dictblocked by my bro while we were still sitting at the bar.
by porkchizzle September 02, 2007
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