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An affectionate nickname use for a significant other or "partner." Derived from the tradition of combining romantic action with a household item (i.e. Cuddlebucket)
I wuv you to snuggletray.
by Pookie October 23, 2003
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1. Comes from the much-cliched word "love." The letter "V" has been known to mean "me and you." Thus, "lomeandyoue" is a simple substitution of that letter with the phrase "meandyou."

2. A deep, solemn expression of the most fervant and passionate of love. This term of endearment is only used between lovers who are so bold as to scoop in the deepedt of depths of their hearts to reveal what is the undeniable truth of their feelings.
On his deathbed, the lover turned to his wife of ninety years and looked into her beady, black eyes filled with ageless wisdom, saying, "I lomeandyoue you."
by Pookie April 26, 2005
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a nice way to refer to a stupid, dumb, or even mentally retarded person or question!!! The term refers to how people have inability to think with a brain freeze and permanant cold in parts of canada, therefore a person with a canadian brain freeze is always inable to think, making them dumb!!
Steve asked "is it possible to be allergic to water" and I responded "do you have a canadian brain freeze".
by POOKIE December 20, 2011
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The act of intercourse with a fat southern womans bellybutton and the male pulls out to find bellybutton lint on the head of his penis as he ejaculates on her huge stomach!!!!
Steven was banging a pumpler in the tummyhole and pulled out to find he had a Mississippi Q tip going on!!!
by POOKIE March 06, 2011
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world greatest pimp that loves his girlfriend ariana very much. Never be afraid to express your feelings or this may effect the beast and cause him to eat uncontrollably
"Kirk, i dont love you"
"shut up yea you do. silly ho"
"your right i do love you"
by Pookie April 21, 2005
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1. Guttural noise derived from “ge-ert” an utterance by a high school math teacher. It developed through various mutations until arriving at its present pronunciation.

2. Name of underground newspaper at Broadneck Senior High School.
Ms. Sharma are we having a math test today?” asked Dave.
“GEYOTUN!” Ms. Sharma replied
by Pookie October 23, 2003
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1. whip out your dick 2. to cum in a girls hair
I unleashed my fury and it nearly blinded her!
by pookie March 09, 2004
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