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The act of telling someone to get hit by a very heavy vehicle in a variety of different ways after death in Hypixel Skywars.
HypixelPhenom was killed by lifelong.
HypixelPhenom: Get hit by a fucking 2 ton RV crippled albanian nigger.
HypixelPhenom was squashed by Auror_.
HypixelPhenom: If your head got smashed by a fast moving SUV I wouldn't be mad.
Auror_: No I just got Phenom'd! I quit.
Auror_ left the game.
by polrs October 12, 2019

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The phrase used when an asian gook slope is seen on the road.
lifelong: Oh shit, there's an asian on the road! I think it might be bobbyjoedoodle.
MonthlyLs: K I'm about to head out. You know what they say. Asian driver no survivor.
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by polrs September 24, 2019

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Rather fit brown bear with 3D Clout Goggles. 2nd Best Gold Division in Hypixel Ranked Skywars. Pretty slim for a negropotamus.
Auror_: Worst gold IlyKurt
polrs: I have no choice but to agree
IlyKurt: get hit by an RV
by polrs September 24, 2019

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Worst masters
HowCouldYou: Auror_ is definitely the worst masters.
polrs: Agreed.
bobbyjoedoodle: Auror_ a fake nigga, and no fake nigga deserve masters. I bet he don even know who my nigga Chief Keef is.
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by polrs October 12, 2019

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Icicly: Popo is catgrl, Daily popo pics day 8.

Auror_: Popo is catgrl
HowCouldYou: Die
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by polrs October 13, 2019

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