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neg·ro·pot·a·mus ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ngr-pt-ms)
n. pl. neg·ro·pot·a·mus·es or neg·ro·pot·a·mi
1. A large, chiefly urban African-American herb smoking mammal (Negropotamus cannibus) having thick, dark, almost hairless skin, ornate plumage, and often has short stubby limbs, a wide girth, and a melon shaped head with a wide-mouthed muzzle and fleshy lips suitable for mass consumption. They are usually oily to the touch due to their main diet of consuming anything deep fried. The male of the species is usually found near heavy traffic areas (such as watering holes or buffets) and can often be heard making its mating call while roaming its territory (referred to as Hollahring). The males tend to be very territorial and cowardly run in packs (often referred to as crips). The female is by far the more colorful of the species and can usually be seen and heard from great distances. Both the male and female of the species are very sexually active, despite their rotund features, and advertise this with their exaggerated sexual organs, old spicy musk, and bling.
Hey Paul, look at that, its a wild negropotamus, and its headed this way. Take cover!!
by StockRX7 August 02, 2005
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1. a fat black person
2. some crack head who is rather large
4. a dirty word to call a dark egyptian
"Look at that crazy negropotamus go." or "Don't you be calling me a negropotamus you dumb cracker!", also "Fuck man, i look like a negropotamus."
by Negropotamus May 27, 2008
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A fat black person. I came up with it a while ago. You can feel free to use it as a term of endearment as well.
Vut de hex is happenin' negropotamus?
by Hiva December 06, 2004
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