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An Auror is a highly trained wizard or witch in the Harry Potter series of books. Auror's are 'dark wizard catchers', they hunt down Voldemort and his followers. To become an Auror, you need top grades, particually in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions and Charms. During the books, Kingsley Shacklebot is the head Auror. Harry Potter later becomes one.
Kingsley Shacklebot was head of the Auror office
by Jordan Simons January 11, 2008
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Basically they are magic police. They catch death eaters, and then lock them up in azkaban
"When an Auror is on a case, is there a spell he can perform to detect
if Dark Magic has been used?" Harry asked, thinking back to a cold,
dank cave on a chilly spring night.
by OMGNOWAY July 18, 2007
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