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Euphemism for having sexual relations with an incredibly attractive woman, i.e. you're "taking her temperature" vaginally with your penis instead of a thermometer.
The gorgeous blonde paralegal with whom you work walks into your office, and your first thought is "I SO want to lick her pussy and take her temperature."
by Point Oner November 22, 2004

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A not un-attractive, not un-fuckable female atty with peroxide blonde hair, fake tits and a persistent Ultram habit and fondness for porn. who once showed her titties to some of her colleagues, hence "O O".
"I'd like to lick O O's puss and cum on her tongue."
by point oner March 06, 2004

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To contaminate something with your grubby, sweaty hand. (Has nothing to do with wiping your ass, dumbfucks).
The guy working the drive-thru at DQ stinkpalmed my change.
by Point Oner December 14, 2004

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