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M.I.L.F. - Mother I'd Luck To Fuck

Any woman who has given birth is a potential MILF. What sets most apart is that MILFs tend to be attractive usually older and mature, but young moms are also considered MILFs.

The term DID NOT originate from the American Pie movie. Kids..do your research!
Rosemary is one hot ass MILF. Even though she has two kids, she puts even 20 year olds to shame at work.
by playa5000 August 24, 2006
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Is an abbreviated slang term used to describe someone who is or acts like someone from "el campo" or is a country person. Although sometimes thought as being a male or female from El Salvador, this term can be used to describe anyone who is of Hispanic decent that would fall under this definition.

A few characteristics that someone who is called a Chent posses may include, not being fully educated or lacks common sense or is not fully diverse or ignorant in pop culture, specifically American pop culture. A Chent usually will stay focused on his/her culture and not divulge too much in another culture's offerings.
Emerson is such a Chent because all he listens to is Spanish music and nothing but that.
by playa5000 August 24, 2006
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