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Adj- Origin: (Introduced in the streets of Renton Washingont) Short for "Off the Charts". An Adjective describing something extremely good, better or awesomer than anything else in it's comparable chart.
"OMG, that 64 Impala is sooooo charts" "Dude, I am charts at Madden, I will crush you" "Can you believe how charts that girl at Couloon Beach was?"
by Pkay May 16, 2006

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"Eetts" adj; An australian slang derived from sydney pig latin, an abriviation of "sweet". The word originated in australia but is also used in some european cities.
This word is commonly used by trouble makers and low lifes.
"Eetts to be sammy"
by pkay November 03, 2012

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an un-trust-worthy, lying, hatin, ugly azz b1tch. Can also be used on a male if he acts like the previous description.
Trate: "Why don't you hook me up with some money so I can get my nails done"

Man: "Listen you trate, get out of here before I slap you"
by Pkay April 27, 2006

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(adj); origin-California; a word to describe a bad or non-succesful noun and action booty
Damn cuz, her body is kinda freaky, but her face is kinda bammer youknowwhatimsayin?
by Pkay April 27, 2006

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