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n. A transvestite is a man or woman who wears clothing of the opposite sex. Unlike the drag queen or draq king where the person is homosexual, a transvestite can be gay or straight.

Many tranvestites have a love of a particular type of clothing of the opposite sex, usually brought on by happy childhood memories of it.

*Not to be confused with the transsexual.
The transvestite down the street can always be seen wearing fluffy pink sweaters.
by pitoyable June 12, 2005
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a.)n. A state of mind

b.)adj. An adjective to describe something bigger and better.

c.) A state of the USA. It has crappy weather and has five of the fattest cities in America.
I can't wait until I leave Texas. I want to go to San Fransisco and be a gay porn director.
by pitoyable May 20, 2005
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*see monkeyhole

Used as a insult or a friendly come back.

It's technically impossible to suck a monkey's asshole, so don't attempt it. The phrase "suck monkeyhole" is said to someone that is so full of shit, that they should go suck the shit out of a monkey's asshole to keep a steady supply.

*Literal translation for "suck monkeyhole": "You are such an asshole, whether it's intentional or not. For your own good, you should take a straw, shove it up a monkey's asshole, and suck real hard. Make sure you get as much shit as possible, because you're spitting so much out now that you may be running low on your shit-supply. I'm only telling you this because I love you."
bob: You are a motley fool.
girl: Suck monkeyhole!
by pitoyable May 09, 2005
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Originally a non-slang word, ain't began as a contraction for "am not", as in "I ain't stupid." When people began to use it improperly as in "He ain't", which should have been "He isn't", people came to consider it improper use of language. Today, it's known to be used predominantly in the south and by uneducated people.
I ain't yo' momma.

He ain't goin' to eat those nasty baked beans.
by pitoyable May 02, 2005
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A theory based on the fact that sick days should always be spent at school and not at home where they will only be wasted.

The reason being that if you are sick, you should go to school, because not only will you be spreading disease to all those evil bastards you put up with every day, but you won't be counted absent. Also, why stay at home if the only thing you'll be doing is blowing snot into a tissue? The only reason anyone should ever stay home from school is if they plan to do something worthwhile, like experimenting with liquor or weed.

Some say "Well, when I'm sick all I feel like doing is sleeping." Sleep at school. Once you find the perfect position, those desks aren't nearly as uncomfortable.

"Brigand" is the french word for "bandit." It's deemed the Brigand Theory because you're stealing the health of all your classmates and teachers.
dude 1: Dude, you are so freakin' sick. Why are you going to school?

dude 2: I figure I'll put the Brigand Theory to good use and puke in Pre-Cal.
by pitoyable May 09, 2005
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A friendly use of the word bitch. Usually used in greeting one's friend, or when one has succeeded over someone.
Hey, beyotch!

You got owned, beyotch!
by pitoyable May 02, 2005
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An exclamation. Used when one has done or said something particularly stupid.
boy#1: "What is Harmony of Color?"

boy#2: "Color that's harmonious. Narf!"
by pitoyable May 20, 2005
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