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99% of the people that live in ridgewood are rich and snobby. the funny thing is that that more then half of them try to come off as "gansta" or "poor". everyone knows they sell the pot behind starbucks.
anyway, the other half are the ones who take advantage of their parents and spend money like it comes out of there butt. they all look like clones of eachother in their polos, uggs, designer bags, ect. its the nicest town and nothing ever happens in ridgewood, not even close to the real "gansta life" as many ridgewood people think that they live.
"look at those uppity girls there prob from ridgewood"

see uppity
by phillip nickel March 28, 2005

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the male counterpart of menopause, when the production of testosterone decreases and there are accompanying mental symptoms; this occurs between ages 35 - 55.
1)Andropause or viropause is considered the end of virility.

2)woman: i hate these hot flashes i get from menopause.
man: me too.
by phillip nickel February 23, 2005

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snobby people, usually rich (and proud of it) they usually never know it.

see ridgewood
girl: ever since kathy got her new ipod shes been so uppity.
by phillip nickel March 28, 2005

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