37 definition by pfc. Snowball

Lesbian twins.
1. The original doublemint gum girls would have been great licka-likes;

2. Those lick-a-likes are so gay they'd munch a philly Cheese PussinBrokeback Valley.
by Pfc. Snowball September 01, 2008

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Somalian pirates
Cruising the Golf of Arde, the lookout spotted a fast-moving skiff approaching the ship. "Holy shit! Here come the Sea Niggers!!!," he yelled.
by pfc. Snowball April 13, 2009

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Urinary tact infection caused by repeated vigorous vaginal sexual intercourse. (You're fuckin' too much!)
"Motherfucker!" she shrieked. "I have a burning piss hole again! Dr. Hurtz will no doubt say 'Congratulations! You have Honeymoon Cystitis AGAIN!'"
by Pfc. Snowball July 11, 2006

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Pro. "Coo-Wee";

A vagina
Bitch, you have one tight cuye!!
by Pfc. Snowball July 22, 2008

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The kind of dog you get when someone tells you that they have a really cute Lab/Boxer Mix that really needs a good home and it turns out to be part pit bull and part Alien.
"Did you hear about Jack?"
"He's still in the hospital after being mauled by his new Liebrador Retriever his uber-whore ex- girlfriend gave him for his birthday!"
by Pfc. Snowball July 18, 2008

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Testicular Sympathetic Pain Disorder -- when your significant other asks you to get a vasectomy because "it's simple," and then you suffer from blue balls for 6 months, she finally feals a pang of sympathy thereby suffering from TSPD
My bitch wife made me get a vasectomy, and things went wrong, at least she also suffered TSPD
by pfc. Snowball December 10, 2008

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When a small dog crawls behind the couch and dies from all the salt he consumed while begging for more and more ham from the table.
"Poor Maximus. Who knew a teacup chihuahua couldn't handle more than five pieces of ham without suffering a Hamurism."
by Pfc. Snowball July 18, 2008

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