37 definitions by Pfc. Snowball

Testicles colored like a clown's face after sex with a menstruating women. "Clown Face," but on your nuts.
After banging Mary Jane Rotten Crotch, I looked down and realized that I had Clown Nuts. "So that was why she was crunchy! I thought she had some dengue-fever, twat clot vagina."
by Pfc. Snowball May 10, 2011
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brown-skinned, ghetto-living, chicken-eating, watermelon-loving (watermelon aka "Nigger Apple"), female with large, saucer-nipple breasts, vis-a-vie Kottonmouth Kings
Dropping my new biznatch's halter in the back of my brugandy six-four, I saw she had some fine-ass, big ol' brown ass titties!
by Pfc. Snowball December 10, 2008
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1. Modern American politics; 2. Ex-girlfriend explaining why you should take her back; 3. Anything uttered by a public defender.
When Sandy said, "But babe, I was drunk, and he didn't mean anything. I love you so much, and I'm so horny right now, couldn't I just come in for one glass of wine?" Larry thought, "Jesus, that was the best mental hand job I've ever experienced."
by Pfc. Snowball May 12, 2011
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Dance performed to club music with a booming backbeat by cocking one leg as high as you can and kicking in and out to the side. Usually done while wearing a puffy wedding dress and Napolean Dynamite "Dang!" socks.
Look at Cassie ooncha-ooncha-ooncha! The socks really make the outfit. "Congratulations!"
by Pfc. Snowball July 18, 2008
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Secondary yeast infection that a woman gets as a result of taking antibiotics, usually for a urinary tract infection contracted as a result of Honeymoon Cystitis.
"Philly cheese puss!" he exclaimed as he wiped the ropey strands of yeasty goo from his horrified face.
by Pfc. Snowball July 11, 2006
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"Gee, I wonder if it's going to rain, or if we'll ever get universal health care?"

"Wow! Good question Buffy. Let me check my Obamanac!"
by Pfc. Snowball September 25, 2009
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A Japanese phrase meaning, "This is not good."
Sir! We've successfully shut down the plant after the earthquake.

Very good. By the way, did you notice that giant Tsunami heading straight for us?

No. (looks out window) O-Fuck-Ashima!
by Pfc. Snowball March 15, 2011
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