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Flatchested bitch whose only goal in life is to find new things to complain about.
Hey feminist I got a joke for you. Why do women have boobs?
So you got something to look at when your talking to em. Which is why I dont talk to you.
by Peter Griffin January 17, 2005
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One who is completely flat chested and in not scoring any cock, resorts to blaming they're lack of pleasure on men for being "pigs".

One who complains about not being able to go out and work but complains of having to work once given the opportunity.

One who sleeps all day and gets fed by men but complains about his/her life anyways. See bitch
"The feminist complained about not being able to work but refused to bring home the baco once given the oppurtunity."
by Peter Griffin January 12, 2005
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Someone of mixed races. Can be quite good looking.
With the Lights out its less dangerous!
Here we are now Entertain us!
I feel stupid and contagious!
Here we are now entertain us!
A MULATO an Albino
A misquito My libido!
by Peter Griffin January 17, 2005
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Part normal, able, capable. Half-crazy.
A buddy of mine thinks Budweiser is the best beer ever, and he's absolutely wrong and insane. Another friend thinks Rolling Rock is. Rock's alright, so he's only half wrong and parasane.
by Peter Griffin August 21, 2004
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Someone who writes poetry devoted to ass
-What's up ass poet?
-I have to write some poetry about ass.
-What do you have so far?
-The young lass had quite an ass.
-Not bad.
by Peter Griffin October 13, 2004
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Anal oral sex with someone who has just dedicated
When your done in the bathroom don't wipe. I feel like eating chilli tonight!
by peter Griffin January 24, 2015
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a whodechole also known as donald
durn durn has a feep detish for ef
by Peter Griffin July 16, 2004
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