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When you go to watch a quick 30 second video on YouTube and regain consciousness hours later having jumped from interesting video to interesting video.

Similar to a wikipedian loop or 'WikiComa'
Clarence: "Dude, you totally missed the funeral yesterday!!"
T-dawg: "Yeah I know; somebody emailed me a funny clip and I got stuck in a YouTube loop..."
by peanutismint December 26, 2009

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Of, pertaining to or being illegal, amoral or generally below-board.

Not as a slur against the country or people of Russia, but more to do with the great online cut-price MP3 e-stores emanating from Russia (see AllOfMP3.com, MP3Sparks.com etc...)
P: Mate, check it out, I got some proper russian DVDs down the car-boot sale.
T: Screeners or DVDRips?
P: Rips
T: Ossome.

J: If you've ordered the game, why don't you just download it and play a russian copy til it arrives?
A: I can't! I feel dirty....
by Peanutismint December 09, 2007

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When something is TOTALLY awesome

n.b. not awesome in a 'God' or 'The Universe' or 'Grand Canyon' kind of way.
Pete: "I just got us backstage passes to Radiohead!"
Peanut: "Ossome"
by peanutismint April 28, 2005

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When you receive a message via cell phone or similar which is deemed low-priority, and which you delay replying to until you later use the toilet and have some time to fill.
*phone beeps*
"Oh, it's some guy asking about the party next week - I'll toilet reply to him after I eat this giant burrito."
by peanutismint July 09, 2009

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The opposite to a joystick. Transformation from one to the other usually occurs when a joystick malfunctions, causing the user great aggravation and misery. Especially present in handheld mobile devices, such as an MP3 player or cellphone.
PeanuT: "AAAAARGH DUDE I just pressed down and it thinks I'm pressing 'enter'. WTF MATE?!"
Jus: "Sounds like your woestick is screwed. Darn SonyEricsson phones..."
by peanutismint March 05, 2006

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When your refrigerator is so devoid of consumables that you can actually see the light once more.
Jus: "Dude can i make a sarnie?"
Peanut: "Haha good luck mate, I'm fridgebright!"
by peanutismint February 18, 2006

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The online form of the phrase 'spread it'; to give an instruction to others that a certain piece of information (or in this case more likely a web link) should be passed around and shared amongst friends.
Here's my band's new EP, feel free to ping it around.
by peanutismint September 15, 2008

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