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When you take your hand and you bring it down and you slap that bitch so hard.
"I think I'm gonna end up bitch slapping that basic bitch."
by pausethatabortthat September 02, 2016

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When you abort something.
La’Damivantiquan didn’t want to be a single teenage mother in highschool, so she decided to yeet the baby.

“Yeetus the fetus!”
by pausethatabortthat March 12, 2019

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A stupid kind of fatass hot Cheeto eating bitch who has no respect for skinny legends and other respectable people.
Oh my god, look at Trisha! I hate her so much, she’s such a whale!
by pausethatabortthat September 17, 2018

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A nigga that’s even closer to you than your homie niggas. A bro nigga is your family.
You can’t fuck your bro nigga— that’s technically incest.
by pausethatabortthat March 26, 2019

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