8 definitions by paul of death

a dance that is passed on to make people die in 7 hours unless they pass it on themselves
ian jigs stevem steve jigs paul... paul does not jig anybody. he dies in 7 hours!
by paul of death August 19, 2003
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what to shout at somebody who looks homosexual in anyway (walking, clothes, facial expression)
paul: hey nick look at that guy
nick: yeah he looks gay
paul: *shouts& MINCE!!
by paul of death October 21, 2003
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how long you have to live after youve been jigged by somebody under the curse of teh jig of death unless you jig somebody else
7 hours on yo' ass
by paul of death October 21, 2003
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everything and nothing. can be used to replace nearly any word so that the sentance/statement still make sense. can also be used as a greeting or to agree with something/somebody. or a swear word.
thats a nice bit of salamahol there
salamahol nick! = hello nick
wheres my salamahol you salamaholing salamahol?
oh salamahol = oh fuck!
by paul of death November 09, 2003
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