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someone who gawks in your face--inappropriately, of course.
You are on a bus and someone wearing headphones or who looks like they think they're watching a TV program gawks in your face. You don't bother to say "Hello!" (or "WTF?!") because you already know they won't answer nor even blink, but instead you heartily remind yourself under your breathe, "(It's just) a brain-dead gawker (oh yeah!)"
by ozmatic November 21, 2010

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A clueless person who mindlessly conforms to mass society without asking any questions which might lead to their getting an actual life.
/They think to diss on your look
/In their lame-o munchkin world
/The lame-o munchkin world
/That they live in.
by ozmatic November 21, 2010

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Acronym for "oblivious of content, contemptuous of form;" it indicates a person who judges others on the basis of their superficial features (for example their gender, clothing, age or race) while totally unaware of what is in their minds and hearts.
"OCCF!" when someone give you a contemptuous look for no sensible reason but obviously because of your gender, clothes, race or whatever.
by ozmatic November 21, 2010

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a person who will naturally adapt to any social condition, however injurious to humanity, in order to eat and reproduce.
I never called you a chicken, I called you a rooster-nester: it's not so much that you're a coward as that you don't have your priorities straight.
by ozmatic July 21, 2011

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