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refering to any rapper whose name has the word "lil" or "young" in front of their names, when this term is used it means that those rappers are "a little young" to understand real hip hop and lack experience
1 - how come all these new rappers talk about is money and women

2 - because most of them are a little young to understand what hip hop means
by oldbig February 16, 2010
Term used to describe defective, low quality, and/or counterfit consumer goods that are inferior to the original product. If the cost is too good to be true, its probably chinese.
Bill: Mike bought a turbo off eBay but it blew up the second he started the car.

Tim: Well thats what happens when you buy Chinese turbos.

Bill: The ebay muffler i bought showed up corroded with the welds already splitting.

Tim: Must be made from chinesium
by oldbig November 16, 2021
a brand of airsoft guns that shits on the competition, systema is a professional training weapon, stock comes with up to 500fps, also most of them come in a "challenge kit" meaning you put the gun together yourself, the guns range between 900 - 2100$ so all you echo1 and jing gong fan boys don't get too excited because i doubt your mommys gonna rush out and by you one of these

more experienced most likely ex marine - uhhh .... no .. its a systema ...

11 yr. old - awww man thats sweet ill give you like 70$ for it thats 10$ more than my awsome echo1

ex marine - kid how bout you go fuck yourself this gun is worth more than your life go play in the back yard with your gay little friends
by oldbig January 22, 2009
that dumbass soulja by produced his ass heres a hint if you really dont know "a get silly ... get silly ... get silly" yeah that shit ahahah this punk aint on here he aint on google he aint on wikipikidiktrikapedia ahahaha how the fuck you have a music video and say you got the #1 single ... and aint no one know who the fuck you are ???
ey you here that new joint from v.i.c ?

naw ... who the hell is v.i.c ?

some dude soulja boy produced

awww fuck that shit he can go eat a dick
by oldbig July 25, 2008
an airstrike on call of duty 4 that dosnt kill anybody even when you drop it on all the red dots on the UAV
WOW i totally thought id get some kills when i dropped an airstrike on those dots what a lame strike
by oldbig June 20, 2008