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A 7-second video. Origin: Vine app.
*makes a vine*
by old handle August 20, 2014
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The worst thing in the history of man. When your iPad, iPhone, or other devices with autocorrect built in changes a word to something that doesn't make sense.
I heard mom got stung by a few bees this morning, is she ok??? Hospital???
She's ok now. No hospital. She had to take the deep penis.
Uhhhhh... What?
I had to inject her with an EPIC PENIS. Oh for Christ's sake, this auto incorrect. Epi Pen
by old handle July 06, 2014
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Why the fuck are you searching up angry
by old handle July 21, 2014
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A annual TV show on BBC 1 where the main character is a time traveller with a box that can travel in space and time who can regenerate. The current Doctor is widely regarded as the 12th, but actually including the meta-crisis and the War Doctor, he is actually the 14th.
"And now on BBC 1, it's the madman with a box, Dr Who."
by old handle September 30, 2015
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Football is the best sport in the history of man, not including wizarding sports like Quidditch. For U.S.A users, it's soccer. You kick a ball into a net, and shout and scream for the rest of the match because you scored.
Guy 1: Hey, I scored a goal in football today!
Guy 2: Well, I scored ten goals in my football match!
by old handle July 04, 2014
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1. A wet fart.
2. Archaic second person singular past of be.
3. Something I randomly typed into Google to see what would come up.
1. "Oh no, I werted!"
2. If thou wert mine, I would be in heaven!
3. "wtf, wert is a word?!"
by old handle August 22, 2014
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Mama is a small-child word for Mum or if you're a American user Mom. It is usually the first word that a small child says, along with "Fuck", "Shit", and "Dada".
Child: Mama! Mama!
Mum/mom: What, my little baby?
by old handle July 06, 2014
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