7 definitions by obewan

When you get so angry,frustrated, and now action must be taken. "thats all I can stands I can't stands no more!"
All that bitchin and naggin bout shit has got me to my popeye point. Gonna see that lawyer today!
by obewan February 20, 2006
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really f'in cold, when the temp dips below zero, similar to brrrr!
As I hurriedly walked from outside into the warm house. I exclaimed, Damn, It's fur dog outside !
by obewan May 15, 2006
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akin to navel lint. A small fuzz ball or piece of lint that appears in the end of your pee hole.
When I took my flannel pajamies off I noticed I had some dick fliss.
by obewan February 20, 2006
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The words within, that a person doesnt really say, but is thinking.
Jim the department manager is great at comming up with lofty new idea's yet little details on how to get it done. Sure wish I could read his thought bubble and connect the dots.
by obewan February 20, 2006
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The act of the process change to take information and convert it into viewable material on the internet, html, java, flash
Did you see Tony's webification of his family tree.
by obewan February 22, 2006
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a gawd awful fucked up web site filled with errors and ineptness.
Did you see Billy's .com site ? What a webifornication!
by obewan February 22, 2006
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The creation a homepage, portal, blog or wikki page to distribute information.
Damn way too many paper forms to fill out, besides my pen just ran out of ink... wish they'd just webify the fuckin application.
by obewan February 22, 2006
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