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Oogly boogly eyes. Used to show bewilderment or surprise.
He said something really cracked out so I looked at him like o_0.
by o_0 September 03, 2003

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yes, i'm hearing what you're sayin, but NO you're fuckin wrong
westy bumfuck: this lion reds a good drop eh
anyone else: yeahnah i prefer teh stein's
by o_0 December 01, 2003

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A daytime television schedule on the Nickelodeon channel designed by Viacom. It is bent on the manipulation of children to take people's money away with the help of other conglomerates such as Walmart and McDonalds.
Ever since i got cable hooked up at my place, my son has been going crazy asking me for toys and games and he's been getting massive cravings for fast food!
by o_0 August 11, 2005

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a way to tell someone to commit suicide. first pioneered by the myg0t clan.
run endlife.exe, you noob.
by o_0 August 10, 2005

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