yes, i'm hearing what you're sayin, but NO you're fuckin wrong
westy bumfuck: this lion reds a good drop eh
anyone else: yeahnah i prefer teh stein's
by o_0 December 1, 2003
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One of the best Australian conversation injections. To first acknowledge what has been said (both polite and courteous) and then to reject said proposal. All in the one word. Often mistakenly considered oxymoronic by other countries
The Beero: Mate, whatdoyareckon? Sink a few long necks and get back into it?

Me: yeahnah, I'd be fucked if I did that.
by elDamahj August 9, 2022
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Yeahnah. The most common form of Australian slang that is the short form of 'yes, but no'. Commonly used to respond to a mate during conversation, when you are aknowleging what was just said in a conversation, but you have a different view or opinion and are about to express said view or opinion. Also used to express a state of appathy or ambivilance.
"Hey mate, it's a great day to go fishing hey?" and mate responds with, "yeahnah". This means yes it's a great day for fishing but something else is more important. Not limited to fishing conversation but used in all discussions about anything.
by Chief Judge February 19, 2013
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An Australian slang word used to decline things.
"Hey Damo" "yeah wot cunt" "wanna grab a snag" yeahnah cunt"
by awesome person with a big dick September 16, 2019
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Known as YeahNahs, as it's all they say.....apart from fuck, cunt and "it wassint me officer, you fukken dog"
AKA Housos, no hopers or junkies.

Typically a drugged out, unemployed person who lives on government handouts and/or stealing/dealing.

They group together, usually found at bus stops (because they can't get a licence or own a working car), the local park or Centerlink office (for me pays hay!) with their 4 out of control shithead children to different fathers/mothers.
Normal person: Who are those loud junkies overthere hoarding the bus stop bench?

Me: Oh the YeahNahs, yeah stay away from them...

YeahNah: Oi u lookin' at me? Yeahnah Ya wanna fight mate? I will fukken smash u....Yeahnah keep walkin' mate....."
by MrKBabbs November 11, 2022
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When you think is something okay and good, turns out it wasn't.
"Do you wants some of our new wine"
"You sure?"
by MeatloafRecipe May 23, 2019
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