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yes, i'm hearing what you're sayin, but NO you're fuckin wrong
westy bumfuck: this lion reds a good drop eh
anyone else: yeahnah i prefer teh stein's
by o_0 December 01, 2003
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said : yeah.... naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
used when you are in a conversation and you kinda get what the other person is saying but dont quite agree with what is being said, or dont really give a shit.
cuz: hey bro, did you borrow my bloody car?
bro: yeah nah , i think it was the other guy
by weazzellboi August 15, 2007
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Aussie 1: Hey mate, you wanna go fishing later?
Aussie 2: Yeah nah mate, my wife wants me home
by Not Actually Me July 26, 2015
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in New Zealand yeah nah can be used in many ways and can easily confuse non kiwis the three main ways are Yes,No and maybe
Yes example

friend 1: do you wanna come to the pub?
Friend 2: yeah nah I will see you there bout 7
No example
Friend 1: do you wanna come to the pub?
Friend 2: yeah nah I can't tonight I have work early eh
Maybe example
Friend 1 do you wanna come to the pub?
Friend 2: yeah nah I will have to check with the mrs
by Kiwikunt September 25, 2017
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Yeahnah. The most common form of Australian slang that is the short form of 'yes, but no'. Commonly used to respond to a mate during conversation, when you are aknowleging what was just said in a conversation, but you have a different view or opinion and are about to express said view or opinion. Also used to express a state of appathy or ambivilance.
"Hey mate, it's a great day to go fishing hey?" and mate responds with, "yeahnah". This means yes it's a great day for fishing but something else is more important. Not limited to fishing conversation but used in all discussions about anything.
by Chief Judge February 19, 2013
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