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A genre of music, closely related to Nu-metal. It is difficult to objectively describe this genre without sounding like a complete cock-wad, so it is probably better to just list some band names instead.
Shitcore bands:
Linkin Park
Papa Roach
(Insert name of band that is a corporate piece of shit designed by some office dwelling record company executive to appeal to your average teenage idiot who is oblivious to what real music is.)
by o ReVelatioN o May 20, 2008
Wow dude, what were you thinking when you let that chick give you that big ol' muffler burn. It looks nasty haha.
by o ReVelatioN o March 1, 2009
One who's conception is the result of an accidental leakage and transfer of semen from the soon-to-be mother's anus to her vagina. Assuming the feces covered sperm reach an egg cell and successfully fertilize said cell, the outcome will be a rather poor excuse for a human child. This child (Butt Troll) will be forever ridden with terrible hygiene and an uncommonly low level of intelligence.
Brittany's parents should have paid a little more attention to their post-anal-sex clean up process. That girl is smelling up this entire building. I guess I wouldn't expect much else from a Butt Troll though.
by o ReVelatioN o May 13, 2010
The attempt at growing a beard, by somebody who is not fully capable of doing so. Often worn by males between 13 and 20, and are usually composed of peach fuzz or sporadically placed hairs of varying lengths.
by o ReVelatioN o December 4, 2010
This is a 101 proof peppermint schnapps. It comes in a cool "frosty" looking bottle and is relatively cheap at about $16 for 750ml (fifth).
Ice 101 will get you very drunk, very fast.
by o ReVelatioN o February 6, 2008
Distance divided by time.

Or Meth.
"Let's do speed so I can stay up all night and study for my finals!!11shift!"
by o ReVelatioN o April 29, 2008
IRC is like multiplayer notepad

Methinks Chatzilla owns other IRC clients for sure.
by o ReVelatioN o April 29, 2008