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That one Chinese app which people dance random songs. The app has no purpose at all. In March 2020, the app skyrocketed in popularity due to 13 year old girls being "bored during quarantine". TikTok users are often called "TikTokers". The app is often populated by:

• Random people from New York City filming random "satisfying" stuff
• People who just wanna dance
• Trolls and people who bully TikTokers for their dance moves
• Those who download the app, make an account, and literally do nothing

A significant portion of TikTokers are random children with followers ranging from 15-1,000. Haters of the app often say that the app "ruins songs".

TikTokers often go to their "for you page" and scroll endlessly while watching an influencer dance nonstop for 15 seconds. Thots also populate the app, however they are rare. People who need followers also exist.

If you are from 2018, you've probably seen the ads of TikTok making the large majority of the ads you watch. Your little sister most likely uses that app.
9 year old me: WOW I LIKE TIKTOK
7th grader: TikTok is trash go delete that app
by nwf195 September 10, 2020
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What the Fricking Fudge

When you want to say WTF but you remember you're christian
I just saw a door move with no air, WTFF
by nwf195 September 10, 2020
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