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talking nicely or even remotely talking to a girl.
this definition is more likely to be referred to from Xbox/PlayStation users, and your average fat, 30-year-old gamer still living in his mother's spare room.
"bro, you see how johnny commented on Paris's photo? what a simp!"
by nut monky 32 April 13, 2020

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a sean is where you fuck someone's ass so hard that both are bleeding from friction
dude, I pulled a sean the other day oml
guys, jimmy pulled a sean wtf
you pulled a sean? what a loser
by nut monky 32 July 24, 2019

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a huge penis...
like almost a meter long penis...
Omg did you see ricky? He has a big pup for sure...
by nut monky 32 October 03, 2019

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