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A person in the begining stages of something. See new boy for the orgin of the word.
The newbies have just begun their training.
by NSH1212 March 07, 2008

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A subculture in the Mexican Narcocoridor. Who celebrate the drug culture machismo and musica norte. They are also called drug cowboys due to the style of their dress as well as many of them working in the drug industry.
3 chinolas were arrested for drug trafacking today in TJ.
by nsh1212 March 05, 2008

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A "friend" who comes over to "play" while you watch porn together. Close to friends with benefits but, the focus isnt on eachother as much as the screen.
whenever Im desprate I call my porn friend over to play.
by nsh1212 March 09, 2008

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When you meet a girl out at night and you have to have breakfast with her in hopes of learning her name.
I was so gone I had to have a breakfast meeting just to remember her name.
by nsh1212 March 14, 2008

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When you convince a young hipster girl that she needs to blow you for your film.
I galloed this girl at NYFA this afternoon
by nsh1212 March 07, 2008

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A term used to describe first year students at military academys. more of a status than a rank. all cadets within their first year remain in new boy status regardless of rank. Also used as a put down to older more experenced cadets.
You shine your shoes like a new boy
by NSH1212 March 07, 2008

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someone who is conestantly snacking
he's eating again what a snackulla
by nsh1212 March 19, 2008

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