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Derived from slashdot effect, an insane increase in traffic after a link to a news article is promoted to the front page. This is sort of like an unintentional DDOS attack, but sometimes the increased traffic (and ad exposure) causes webmasters and bloggers to post links to their sites on digg.
The digg effect will usually not have much of an effect on larger websites but small websites may be shut down quickly due to the server not being able to cope with the high amount of requests or because all of their bandwidth is consumed.
I wanted ad clicks so I submitted my copied blog post to digg. It got promoted and my website was shut down due to the digg effect.
by nphp July 26, 2006
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A term used to describe a Denial of Service caused by a story being featured on the front page of the popular user driven news site Digg.
Woah, only Dugg only 50 times and the page is already down. The Digg effect at work!

by Ninja337 August 21, 2006
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the result of an online story hitting the frontpage of digg

it creates a massive swarm of traffic to the website that was "dugg", causing the servers that the website is hosted on to become extremely slow and laggy
Person One: dude, my website just got to the front page of digg!
Person Two: soon, you'll be suffering from the digg effect
by Graham T C June 13, 2006
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Refers to the effect a Digg article has on the computer hardware of casual techies.
Casual techie: I just read on Digg how to run Linux from my computer's BIOS and am about to run it for the first time.

Techie: You fool. You have fallen victim to the Digg effect. I'll let Dell know your computer is on its way.
by themanderson July 06, 2006
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