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ADIDAS super star shoes, popularized in the early begginings of hip-hop culture. Worn mostly by emcees,dj's,B-Boys and Taggers.
Damn,Tony just got a fresh pair of SHELLTOES, what a pimp.
by NOVA December 03, 2003
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A curse given in Old English.
Fie on Edline! That foolish system of sorcery!
by Nova July 30, 2004
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A strong strain of mostly-sativa cannabis, possesing blue-green color leaves.
"Man, that blueberry yum-yum I bought from Luda was amazing, it got me so high and fucked up!"
by NoVa December 22, 2004
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A major ass stomping storm thats said to be due in the year 2006, prophesied by the Insane Clown Posse in their 2005 album The Calm. Apparently this storm is supposed to rip all the non-believers a new asshole with lightning that sets fire to water, flaming tornadoes, thunder loud enough to shatter brick walls, and all other manner of apocalyptic phenomenon.
Better watch the crop circles, cause the Tempest is gonna be one badass bitch.
by Nova June 06, 2005
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The Vell-os are descended from an Indian prince named Vell-os and his followers who left Earth 2977 years before the game begins, around 980 AD, using their telepathic powers. They now have sophisticated telepathic powers, which are assisted by their biomechanical nanites. Their nanites are produced by an additional organ, which is the only physical difference between the Vell-os and other humans. Among their abilites are thought-speech, mind-reading, confusion of minds, and the creation of projections of mental power which they use instead of ships and weapons. Vell-os and ordinary humans can interbreed, but the resulting child is always Vell-os.

The Vell-os were members of the former Colonial Council for several centuries. However, after they intervened and destroyed a Colonial Council expeditionary force sent to conquer the Polarans, the Vell-os were defeated and enslaved by the Council using mind control and anti-telepathic devices. They are now used as a weapon by the Federation, but live in hope of a future of freedom predicted in the Korrell Prophecy. Their storyline begins with a delivery mission to Earth found in the Mission BBS.
You are surprised to feel a tap on your shoulder as you exit your ship, and you turn to see the traditional long hair of a Vell-os standing some meters away off to your right beckoning you over...
by Nova July 01, 2004
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The first ship to be formed by a Vell-os in Escape Velocity: Nova.

When a Vell-os has completed his or her basic training in the psi arts, one of the first things they attempt to construct is the delicate Dart. Like all Vell-os 'ships', she is actually a pure psychic barrier that protects the Vell-os pilot within. It is perfectly formed for hyperspace travel (nearly matching the beautiful Wraith), and will remain intact as long as enough of the mental energy of the Vell-os remains.
As soon as you land you can sense Llyrell waiting for you and quickly go through your post-flight routine before disembarking from your ship and making your way over to meet him.

<it is time to show you how to travel follow me>

You cannot help but feel a little excitement as he leads you to the spacedock and out onto a vacant pad where he immediately forms a protective barrier around himself, and you recognize the familiar shape of the Vell-os Dart. As you continue to observe he shows you how to focus your mental energy into an elegant beam of pure physical power.

After allowing his newly created ship to dissolve around him he guides your mind into new ways of manipulating the universe around you. Within a few minutes you learn the basics behind twisting missile guidance systems against themselves, how to sense the physical size of ships around you as well as their intent towards you and how to reach out with your mind to learn more about the general nature about nearby systems.

Finally he teaches you how to twist the space around you to create a hole through which you can enter hyperspace and travel the spaceways.
by Nova July 01, 2004
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The second ship to be formed by a Vell-os in Escape Velocity: Nova.

The Arrow is an undertaking that has been known to be completed by a very skilled T3, but is more usually the in the purview of a T2. It is a mental barrier of enormous proportions that affords the Vell-os pilot excellent physical protection. The Arrow differs visibly from the Vell-os Dart, in that the two side pods don't physically touch the rest of the ship; they are held there by the sheer mental strength of the Vell-os pilot. This is certainly a powerful vessel, but it is rarely seen in these dark times.

The Vell-os Arrow comes after the Vell-os Dart
You sense Llyrell observing you as you glide your way in to dock, and you send out a small weave to acknowledge his presence.

You follow his intelligence as it dances out into the surrounding space and begins weaving a shell which you quickly recognize as being a Vell-os Arrow, and within moments you grasp the basics of it. When he sees that you have understood the lesson he returns to his body.

<you have definitely proved yourself to be a t2 i think that it will not be long before you reach t1 as i have your strength and skill is growing and it will not be long before you rival even me>
by Nova July 01, 2004
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