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The second ship to be formed by a Vell-os in Escape Velocity: Nova.

The Arrow is an undertaking that has been known to be completed by a very skilled T3, but is more usually the in the purview of a T2. It is a mental barrier of enormous proportions that affords the Vell-os pilot excellent physical protection. The Arrow differs visibly from the Vell-os Dart, in that the two side pods don't physically touch the rest of the ship; they are held there by the sheer mental strength of the Vell-os pilot. This is certainly a powerful vessel, but it is rarely seen in these dark times.

The Vell-os Arrow comes after the Vell-os Dart
You sense Llyrell observing you as you glide your way in to dock, and you send out a small weave to acknowledge his presence.

You follow his intelligence as it dances out into the surrounding space and begins weaving a shell which you quickly recognize as being a Vell-os Arrow, and within moments you grasp the basics of it. When he sees that you have understood the lesson he returns to his body.

<you have definitely proved yourself to be a t2 i think that it will not be long before you reach t1 as i have your strength and skill is growing and it will not be long before you rival even me>
by Nova July 01, 2004
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