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rhythm played by the guitar player in a reggae band...on the 2 and 4 beat
easy skankin...

you skank so, you skank so...
by noodlehoss April 15, 2004
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An indirect route taken when driving to a destination that offers a male driver the opportunity to scope attractive members of the opposite sex.
...think I'll take the booty loop through the college on this fine afternoon...it's pretty much on my way home.
by Noodlehoss April 21, 2004
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curiously milky projectile. often sticky.
...she loves noodle nectar!
by Noodlehoss May 03, 2004
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1.the sound made as a nicely filled pair of ass pants with 9 inch bell bottoms disco dances across orange shag carpet.
2.the sound a pimpmobile makes when its tire hits a pot hole.
check the fox shakin' it on the dance floor...bwearmp!

bwearmp!...ahhh yeah, cruisin' in the pimpmobile.
by Noodlehoss January 12, 2005
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A small rotating camara that mounts on the roof of a car. Used to avoid conspicuous turning of the head and prolonged staring in a single direction when cruising a booty loop. The driver has angle and zoom controls along with a LCD viewing screen mounted on the dash of the car. This device is also equipped with a 'hottie sensor' that alerts the driver and automatically tracks subjects that are exceptionally fine.
...hey dude, drive down this street and flip on the scope-a-matic
by Noodlehoss April 22, 2004
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a shapely chick - with well placed, adequately sized, and properly proportioned attributes.
Holy smack!...check the spice rack...stacked in the back...I need a snack.
by Noodlehoss September 29, 2005
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a girl's butt...specimen quality
1) She gots a pin cushion that just won't quit!

2) I've been stickin' that pin cushion all morning...mighty fine.
by noodlehoss October 06, 2004
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