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another definition besides ligma & sugma

Can refer to food and balls
eatma, what's that?

Can you eatma share cause i can't finish it
by nightxmared October 21, 2018
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Russian Netflix

Only contains 100% russian movies, 0% Western
Friend : so what you going to do this holidays

Me : Nyetflix and chill
by nightxmared November 21, 2018
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Popular hardstyle duo consisting of Kenth Kvien & Marcus Nordli. Founded in 2008 in Norway and moved to Belgium in 2012, these two guys are rising on the hardstyle scene over the years. They are signed to Dirty Workz, a hardstyle record label

Formerly doing hard dance music, they now do hardstyle with a unique twist in melodies and drops

Sense of humour is strong enough that other hardstyle producers will lose

Most hated among some "small minded hardstyle fans" but sang the Frozen remix song out loud at Qlimax 2017

Popular tracks includes Wodka, Komon, Tweekay14 & 16, Bring Me To Life, DRKNSS, Tequila, Jägermeister and many others...

They also appear at festivals like Qlimax, Defqon.1, Qontinent, Reverze and Hard Bass.

So if you're new to hardstyle, i suggest you listen to Da Tweekaz instead of Headhunterz

"Have a shot of Tequila"
"Was ist das, Jägermeister"
"Stay away from my Wodka"
"Komon, let me see those hands in the air"
Friend : So who's that on the set at Defqon.1

Me : its Da Tweekaz bro

Friend : screw it, they don't deserve on Defqon.1 man. Shitty songs all the time

Me : such a small minded hardstyle fan you are.
by nightxmared August 30, 2018
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Life of Boris's most hated neighbour

Always stealing food, uses same pot as Boris and doing other weird stuff behind the scenes

Even his house have fake vodka instead of real one

Vadim is a western spy who can't even squat. Pls send him to gulag thank you.
So, Neighbour Vadim, what have you been cooking here?

Vadim : i cooked poison here

by nightxmared September 4, 2018
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A term used by Russians to identify a legendary player on csgo who have made several record breaking kills every single match and have not been killed once by opponents.
Me : man this russian guy on our CT team rocks man, not even once he died

Friend : yeah he's a legendary cyka who finds ways how to kill without being shot.
by nightxmared November 10, 2018
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Hardstyle in a more harder way

Formed in around 2011, it resembles more of the older hardstyle sounds with darker melodies, powerful drops and distorted kicks. Can get brutal sometimes.

Notable producers in this category includes Ran-D, Hard Driver, Digital Punk, Zatox, Warface, Angerfist, Frequencerz and more...

Rawstyle also can be heard at festivals like Defqon.1, Qapital (an all rawstyle festival), Qlimax and even as far as Tomorrowland

Also can be used as a tool to scare a pop fan listener
Rawstyle friend : hey come listen to this i'm sure you gonna like it

Pop friend : *listens*

Pop friend : OUCH MY EARS!!!! WTF IS THIS SHIT???

Rawstyle friend : it is fucking rawstyle! Rawstyle is 1000 times better than the pop shit out there!

Pop friend : gtfo here right now
by nightxmared September 5, 2018
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When you hate kpop but loves hardstyle

when you take a random af kpop song and remix it into a hardstyle track so that it sounds better or doing a kpop track with hardstyle elements inside

the music world would be a better place if groups like BTS started doing hardstyle tracks cause why not?
Me : hey check this out i just remixed one of your kpop tracks


Friend : wtf is this sounds worse than the original itself

Me : because i hate kpop so much that i just remixed this track to sound as hard as possible to call it K-hardstyle

Friend : fuck off
by nightxmared October 27, 2018
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