Any streaming movie/TV service that just won't play all the way through a movie without changing quality or freezing up repeatedly.
Well, I'm all out of internet and ways to hurt myself. Might as well watch some nyetflix.
by Tonyismyrealname January 1, 2012
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Russian Netflix

Only contains 100% russian movies, 0% Western
Friend : so what you going to do this holidays

Me : Nyetflix and chill
by nightxmared November 21, 2018
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It is a word created by people or people that like COMMUNISM and boredom that is used after NETFLIX by putting Y after the N it is Russian for No Flix meaning NYETFLIX.
E.G. Uraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for MOTHER LAND i will watch Nyetflix when I win this battle!
wanna watch NYETFLIX?
by hehe Captain October 19, 2020
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