188 definitions by nicole

someone who messes up consistently
Your failing, Jimmy?! I swear it, you're gettin to be a screw up.
by Nicole February 16, 2004
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A rich kid snob whos only getting famous because of her older sister. I dont know maybe you've heard of her, Britney Spears? Yeah, and this one says she wants to be "bigger than the first." But uh, would she even be here if it wasn't for the "first?"
Hey look theres Haylie Duff, another Jamie Lynn Spears!
by Nicole August 06, 2004
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when you havent done something in such a long time that you're not as good as you were before
man i havent played basketball in so long, i'm like wicked rusty
by Nicole February 21, 2004
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-another way of telling someone to shut up or telling them to fuck off
-Your teeth are crooked as fuck
-Up yours
by nicole April 20, 2004
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A super sexy line of hair, usually on males, that runs from the navel to the 'genitals.' When I say super sexy, it's only super sexy on guys...not girls...
I told him I liked his happy trail and he asked me if I wanted to see it all...
by nicole March 11, 2004
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if you slap a girl's ass and it jiggles anywhere from 2- seconds, its a ba-dunk-adunk
honey baby, you have a ba-dunk-adunk
by nicole June 04, 2004
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a fat joint, sometimes the size of a blunt but rolled in the same papers used for a joint
I'm not gonna just give you a joint, I'll give you a fuckin doobie
by nicole April 11, 2005
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