62 definitions by nic

He was the greatest musician ever who wrote the greatest songs ever to be made. he is a legend and was the most beautiful man ever.
as if nobody will ever compare to Kurt Cobain
by Nic March 08, 2004
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To slap another on the ass causing them to squeal like a bitch, i.e. Dave.
*slap noise*, "Ha!! Owned!!"
by Nic May 04, 2004
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nickname for "CrimsonKing02" as well as little prick,Crusty, God like (in his mind only mind you)
Crimmy is a fucking bastard!
by NIC September 25, 2003
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very, alot of,very messed up
man that girl air ones is ja busted
man tisha got ja seeds
by nic October 03, 2004
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wanna be eminem
dies hair the same color as eminem
tries to hang wit front street
man justin tryna rap and dying his hair like em...man he aint cool that ugly ass skittle

you cant be eminem but you can be skittle
by nic October 03, 2004
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A troll so blatantly stupid that even the poster and intended postees are aware that it is an incredibly stupid troll. Derived from 'Frost', an incredibly stupid socal nohunter.
Frost: 'Omg guys greece banned gaming can u believe it?'

nh forum: 'Frosting.'
by Nic July 21, 2003
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fits into the words of this song - its just my luck to be a girl, cause boys they suck, you buy me diamonds and pearls but they're all fake, i give u everything but u just take, take, take and ur meant to build me up but my heart you break. Why didnt u call me last night, why did you start that fight, why didnt u talk to me, just to other girls you see, what more can i expect, cause you're a boy and boys all suck.
A boy who treats you badly, doesnt understand what hes doing wrong and makes no attempt to apologise for what he does. A crappy boy.
He is such a wab!
You're a wab!
All boys are wabs!
by nic November 16, 2004
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