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1)John Green the Michael L. Printz award winner's first book. So far there is no sequel, nor does John intend on writing one, but Looking for Alaska may be made into a movie. John Green has also written two other books, An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns.

2) "Lookin for Alaska" is a song written by Liane Graham covered by Hank Green for John Green's book Looking for Alaska.
Person 1: Looking for Alaska is one of my favorite books.
Person 2: Ya, but have you heard the song for the book? It rocks my socks.

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(noun) A strong taste, liking, preference or tendency towards or for something.
I have a penchant for good books.

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A idiom used to describe something, often an event, that goes as planned, with precision, or on time.
Guy 1: "How was your 3:30 meeting?"
Guy 2: "It went like clockwork."

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1) A farce of some sort.
2) A version of something that is distorted or poor in quality or a phony.
The charlatan's fake medicine was a travesty.

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"Mother of Cake" is a phrase used in place of other profanities popularized by a girl named Lucy from California, U.S. She often uses this when she is frustrated, or angry with someone (or something).
Girl 1: "Hey, your cat is running around in my yard with a sock."
Girl 2: "Mother of cake!!!!"

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