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One of the five basic turd colors. This is probably the most common of turds, having the correct amount of bile (thus its "Sweet Potato" coloring) making for easy passage. Eating large quantities of carrots or acorn squash can almost assuredly guarantee you a Sweet Potato Orange the next morning.
Also see: Mid-Night Brown, Jet Black, Jungle Green, Ruttabaga Red
To his surprise he went to fart a fart but dropped a Sweet Potato Orange in his britches.

AHHH, I'm feeling healthy today, just dumped myself a nice Sweet Potato Orange.

The smell of Sweet Potato Orange permeated the house.
by NCKnobster March 01, 2011
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One of five basic turd colors. A lively colored turd that varies greatly in consistency depending on what has been eaten recently. It tends to be almost volcanic when having eaten an excess of salad greens at the all you can eat salad bar. It is found in its more docile state after having consumed large quantities pea soup or guacamole.
I just took myself one healthy Jungle Green.

The Jungle Green floated in the toilet like a lilly pad.

He spray painted the back of the bowl with Jungle Green.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
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One of five basic turd colors. A foul smelling turd or squirts that are dark black and rather loose in consistancy. Can often resemble coffee grounds. This is generally an unhealthy turd, as it could be an early indication of internal bleeding. Get your ass to a hospital.

Also see, Sweet Potatoe Orange, Mid-Night Brown, Jungle Green and Rutabaga Red.
Damn!!! I just sprayed the back of the crapper with a huge Jet Black, bigger than the BP oil spill.

After emitting a Jet Black he was admitted to the hospital.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
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When pinching a loaf (taking a bowel movement) and your turd drops, the resulting water splash hits you directly, dead center in your anus. This can be equated to a bulls eye when playing darts. The water droplet must be precisely dead center to constitute a "holes eye", a VERY EXTREMELY rare occurrence.
While taking my morning coffee dump, I experienced a holes eye.

The urine and feces filled water nailed him directly, dead center, in his anus resulting in a holes eye.

The chances of that that happening again are about as much as a holes eye.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
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One of five basic turd colors. This turd ranges in color from a crimson red to deep burgundy. Where as a crimson turd could very well mean that you've busted a roid, a burgundy shade suggests the likelihood of your fondness for beets. This turd could easily be mistaken for menstrual flow or visa-versa.

Also see: Sweet Potatoe Orange, Mid-Night Brown, Jet Black, Jungle Green
Having eaten two cans of pickled beets, I was assured the presence of a Rutabaga Red the following morning.

She left her Rutabaga Red in the crapper for all the world to see.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
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a pubic hair
There were enough poody hairs on that urinal to knit a pair of socks.

The bath tub drain was clogged with poody hairs.

That black guys hair is so nappy, it looks like poody hairs.

I hate it when I get a poody hair caught in my teeth.
by NCKnobster February 05, 2011
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A smelly turd which floats in the crapper and is virtually unsinkable.
Having consumed many beers, Al thought that he would finally be able to "piss sink" the Stinkable Molly Brown that he had left floating in the crapper earlier that day, but to no avail.

After three flushes the Stinkable Molly Brown still stayed afloat.

Having tried in vain to sink the Stinkable Molly Brown, he was left no choice but to surgically remove it from the crapper with forsips.
by NCKnobster March 11, 2011
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