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One of five basic turd colors. A lively colored turd that varies greatly in consistency depending on what has been eaten recently. It tends to be almost volcanic when having eaten an excess of salad greens at the all you can eat salad bar. It is found in its more docile state after having consumed large quantities pea soup or guacamole.
I just took myself one healthy Jungle Green.

The Jungle Green floated in the toilet like a lilly pad.

He spray painted the back of the bowl with Jungle Green.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
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a color of paint manufactured by krylon that was discontinued many years ago...

a color that most graffiti artist would do the folowing for

-go crazy
-fuck who ever gave it to them
-fight someone for
-buy(if they found one)
-bust a nut..or two

graffiti artist number 1:i just got me a sick ass gold krylon...its my new favorite color,whats yours?

graffiti artist number 2: umm,i just got me a jungle green(shows it to him)

graffiti artist number 1:*bust a nut*
by 2d September 28, 2006
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