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To kill you, Dune-Style. Derived from the Fremen society on Arrakis.
You ate my fucking twinkies, I shall take your water.

He said AFI sucked, I will take his water.
by Natas March 21, 2003
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Natas is a virus that fucks up your hard drive until you have to replace it. Thankfully it is easy to stop if you find it. Also Natas is Satan backwards, and my nick name.
Did you hear? That guy Natas got some virus called Natas on his computer while listening to Natas and now he can't do shit. He killed himself man.
by Natas March 21, 2003
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Some fucked up weird shit that some guy using the same nickname as me put up. Goddamn man, goddamn.


...for real, what the hell?!
by Natas December 19, 2003
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when a bitch is sucking your dick and you cum in her face and punch her in the nose
i gave the prostatute a bloody danish after she bit my foreskin
by natas June 16, 2003
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A country that has great beer. Canada does not have an army, but they do not need one, for they do not piss off everywone with their arrogance.

Also, the only country to be attacked by America, yet come back and burn down their white house.
You walk down the street of Toronto. Look left! You see a fat stripper! Look right! You see a $1 beer store! Look back! You see a pawn shop owned by some afghani refugee!... No wait... This is New york.
by Natas February 20, 2004
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but fuck your mother
to have sexual relashions with your mothers ass
by NATAS February 15, 2005
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correctly known as "what's the haps?"
In other words, a shortening of the word "happening(s)".
What's the haps, yo?
by Natas April 06, 2004
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