Derogatory term used to describe a punk, a pussy, a wimp, peon, weak ass nicca...ya dig!
Quit being a kurr Bush, tell'em what you really mean.
by Naami April 28, 2006
when you trip and fall down a hill
Omg did you just see me kurr.
by dildee October 16, 2019
a guy that suck dicks and sits on a dubbeldong
kurre is gay
by kurreboii February 27, 2020
Big brain Kahoot Name to get techers 2 swore and say wanker

ok, which one of you is Juan kurr?
which one of you is nick gurr?
Which one of you is moe liecester?
Which one of you is dixie nourmous?
Who’s joe?
What’s ligma?
by Juan Kurr October 17, 2019
A friend so close he can be classified as a family member.
Friend 1: wassup kurr?
Friend 2: day's been leng. what bout u?
by dxtrity February 16, 2022
wild and crazy. don't play by the rules. she's a people person (probably kenyan lover).
That girl is a kurre!
by the Maja&Martin March 22, 2017
A person that lives in streetly with his Rasta mom and is always on the back of the pcx getting pressured by everyone
Casey”Rydel kurr you batty man come buck merydel “Casey nooooo I’m not linking you”
by Lampz is a nerd June 30, 2022