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A slang expression for the Jack Daniels whiskey.
"Jezz.. i drank a whole bottle Jack D yesterday at the club.. damn i was gone for the rest of the night.."
by mtd- February 18, 2006
French for "on the way". Mostly used by the police, to announce on radio where they are driving from and heading to.
"This is 24, we are en route from downtown to Martin Luther King Drive."
by mtd- February 25, 2006
The alchemistic definition of the killer bird virus (the Avian Flu). Which is a result of an outbreak in Hong Kong in 2004. It has mainly affected Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Combodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Laos, China, and many other areas. There has recently been discovered an indicent of the virus, in France as well.
(in the news for instance)

"Another incident of the bird influenza, also known as H5N1, has been discovered today in France."
by mtd- February 18, 2006