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Name given to enjoyable professional wrestling gimmicks, storylines and concepts by sad, basement-dwelling shut-ins with no social lives.
"Dude did you see Hulk Hogan vs The Rock? What a great match, and 70 000 fans cheering their lungs out!"

"Nah, man that was real Wrestlecrap. I'd rather watch midgets hitting each other with cheese graters in a bingo hall..."
by Mousebender December 15, 2011

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'''Terrurists''' is the name Americunts give to Arab people who "hate our freedom". In reality the Middle Eastern people just want to be left alone to live their own lives their own way. Sadly the fact they are sitting on the world's richest oil reserves makes them enemies of the USA. In order to justify these illegal attacks they claim that the Arabs(as well as other like Iranians and Afghans) are "terrurists who hate our freedom".
Cletus: Y'all done seen them Ay-rabs protestin' 'bout our bombin' dere hospiTALS?

Leticia: Sure ting, dem '''terrurists''' do be hate our freeDOM!
by Mousebender December 18, 2011

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1)(noun) Someone who has had nothing whatsoever to do with the success of something, yet arrives late in the day, and then takes credit for its success. (see also:Cartmel)

2)(noun) A fat, smug, offensive, opinionated homosexual who parries any criticism of his ego with claims that the person who is disgusted by him is just homophobic.

3)(verb) The act of defiling something of cultural and historic value with some lowest-common-denominator smut
Guy 1:Yeah, yeah, I won the match! Me me me!
Guy 2:Dude, you only came on with 15 seconds left and never even touched the ball. Don't be such an RTD.

Rude bastard:Get out of my fucking way you ugly piece of shit!(spits at person)
Normal guy:There's no need to behave like that. Do you mind?
Rude bastard:Ahhhhh!!! You bigoted homophobic NAZI!
Normal guy:I couldn't care who you have sex with, but stop being so rude you fucking RTD!

3)Guy 1:Someone took a big shit all over the Declaration of Independence.
Guy 2:Yeah, they really RTD'd it!
by Mousebender December 21, 2011

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The act of anal sex between two males, by the person standing firmly behind. While it can theoretically also refer to heterosexual anal sex, bumrush is exclusively used in practice to refer to anal sex between two men. More specifically the tops '''does''' the bumrushing, while the bottoms '''gets''' bumrushed.
Gay guy #1: Have you seen that new handegg player ?

Gay guy #2:Yeah, he is soo hot. I'd love to bumrush him.
by Mousebender December 18, 2011

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Ancient Indo-European people who lived in the region that closely corresponds to modern-day Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Their language has clear connections to modern-say Serbo-Croatian. Their culture and symbols are chiefly the same as modern-day Croats, Serbs, Bosnians and Montenegrins. When Napoleon conquered what is today Slovenia and Croatia he renamed them the "Illyrian Provinces". When Croatia later attempted to break free from Austria-Hungary as an independent state, it was under the banner of "Illyrian independence".

Despite this, some tards (such as Wikipedia editors) and ZOG's try to claim that the Illyrians are represented today by Turkish Albanians.
Intelligent person:The '''Illyrians'' were an ancient Indo-European people, whose descendants today are the Croats and Serbs.

Mindless troll:Your an idiot. I saw on Wikipedia that them Albanians are the Illyrians.
by mousebender January 14, 2012

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'''Albanians''' are a Turkic people who entered Europe during the Late Middle Ages, as refugees, mercenaries and settlers for the Ottoman Empire in order to increase the presence of Turkic Muslims in South-East Europe. They later achieved "independence"(a joke as they were always treated just like other Turks by the Sultan). The modern-day Albanian state is the poorest, most backward, and most violent in Europe. Albanians infest other countries such as Serbia, Greece and Italy. Many dream of a ''Greater Albania'', which would encompass most of Eastern Europe. Some laughably claim to be the descendants of the ancient Illyrians, a people with who they share nothing whatsoever in common.
Man #1:Oh look Albanians are squatting next door!
Man #2:Time to sell up and leave then I guess.
Man #1:When you're right, you're right.
by mousebender January 14, 2012

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