The best person you will ever meet. shes beautiful ,sweet, funny, and can be mean at times but doesnt necessarily mean wrong towards anyone. her friends mean the world to her and nothing will ever stip that.if you have a leticia in your life you must be pretty fucking lucky.
man1: yo who da?!?
man2: thats leticia she my bsf

man1: lucky ass
by loserssss July 25, 2019
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Leticia is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. She is the easiest person to talk to. She will make you laugh till you piss you pants. Leticia can be scary at times. She is so fine and all the boys love her. She is beautiful and an overall wonderful girl!🥰
Guy one:hey did you she that girl?
Guy two:yeah she is beautiful!
Guy one:she must be a Leticia then
by BTS.Noemi.Sophie October 5, 2020
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Possibly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve met. Very chill. Sweet and witty. She never fails to make me smile. Overall a gem.
Damn I wish I wouldve dated Leticia
by Anon01991 November 30, 2019
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The sexiest girl you will ever encounter! Curvy body, big boobs and butt. She is a mysterious and seductive girl. She's also sweet and sensitive and has the cutest personality so make sure not to hurt her. The most loyal friend you will ever get, and the best lover you will meet, if you're lucky to get her, don't let her go. Beautiful, intelligent, friendly, kind, seductive, provocative, sexy, hot... Most gorgeous hair and face, intoxicating smile and radiates joy.
Dude I had the best night last night!
She must be a Leticia...
by Hcolifegurad November 30, 2014
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Happy person, loves to laugh, optimistic, never will see them unhappy, well rounded person, loved by everyone and hated by some, true friend and lover, very intelligent and outgoing, beautiful person, brings joy to peoples life
joy beautiful true friendleticia
by princess leena March 15, 2010
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Smart,Sexy,beautiful Brazilian girl in my English class. A great person and potential girlfriend she is a 100/10 very funny perfect night and great dancer
Leticia is wonderful person
by K@s October 10, 2019
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