5 definitions by mostexellent

When somebody is so repulsive that they make your crotch litrally cringe.
Person 1: Did you see that photo of Britney in her bikini in heat the other day?
Person 2: EURGH yer it made my crotch cringe.

Person 1: I bet if you saw David Wilsonholme naked he would be spherical...
Person 2: Ewww thats sick, it makes me want to sew myself up!
Person 1: LOL!! Crotch cringe!!!!
by mostexellent July 12, 2008
similar to the 'molestertache' this is a bad moustache asociated with perverts of all variations
thank god Brandon Boyd shaved off his pedo-tache... that thing was scary!!!!!
by mostexellent April 5, 2008
An outfit for when you really wanna show off when your in a really normal place- also a time for many myspazz photos.
wearing a fur bolero to go to the shops for milk is a poutfit.
by mostexellent May 27, 2008
THE meaningless swear word of the year!
means anything you want it too.
originates from a mishearing of the lyrics 'motherfucking PIMP'
I haz got my bling and a ho on each arm. I am a mother-luvvin BING
by mostexellent April 1, 2009
what charvs call ANYONE that isnt a charv. usually pre-fixed by 'fucking' or suffixed by 'whore'
girl on train: can I sit here?
charv: no... fucking hippy!
by mostexellent April 9, 2008