An outfit for when you really wanna show off when your in a really normal place- also a time for many myspazz photos.
wearing a fur bolero to go to the shops for milk is a poutfit.
by mostexellent May 27, 2008
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A super-uncomfortable and/or tacky-looking uniform that you are being forced to wear against your will because "it's the proper/expected thing to do" on that occasion.
The teacher made me wear this ridiculous tight 'n' starched poutfit to the high-school graduation, whereas I wanted to just "dress casual and comfy" so that I could truly enjoy my "great moment". Not only did I sweat like nobody's business and feel like a total dork in that horrid garb, but nobody else even seemed to notice or appreciate my appearance all that much, anyway, and so I seriously doubt if they would have truly minded if I'd merely thrown on a nice shirt and ironed jeans.
by QuacksO October 26, 2018
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